How to vote in Kern County

Vote by Mail (VBM)

Be sure to sign the return envelope. Your signature must appear similar to the original signature on your voter registration form. A Vote-by-Mail ballot without your signature will not be counted. Your Vote-by-Mail ballot can be returned by mail, dropped off at any polling place, or deposited in a ballot drop off box. Click here for more on VBM.

Ballot Drop Off 

Return your Vote By Mail ballot by ballot drop off at the Kern County Elections Office through Election Day, or at any polling location. Click here for a list of ballot drop off locations.

Vote In Person

No form of ID is needed to vote in person. The list of polling places is available, and voters will have the option to use their assigned location on Voting Day. You are not required to bring your Vote-by-Mail ballot to your polling location if you prefer to cast your ballot in person, but it is strongly encouraged. Click here for a list of polling places.

Accessible Voting

The Registrar of Voters office provides the Voter Information Guide in an accessible format on the Voter Profile page. The official ballot for the September 14, 2021, Special Recall Election will be available through the Remote Accessible Vote-by-Mail portal beginning Monday, August 16. For accessibility questions, call 661-868-3590 or visit 


Every registered voter will have the option to vote in-person at their designated polling place. Voters are not required to bring their Vote-by-Mail ballot to vote in-person, but it is strongly encouraged. If a voter would like to vote in-person, but has not received their mailed ballot, they can visit their polling location to cast a provisional ballot. 


Every registered voter was mailed a Vote-by-Mail ballot by August 16.

Provisional Voting

There are two circumstances in which you have a right to cast a provisional ballot in an election in California. First, if you believe you are registered to vote, but your name does not appear on the voter list at a polling location, you can vote provisionally. Second, if you voted by mail, but the county does not have a record of receiving your vote-by-mail ballot, you can vote provisionally. Any eligible voter, including those displaced by wildfires, can cast a provisional ballot at any polling location in the county, and that ballot will be placed in a special provisional envelope before being put in the ballot box. Only the races you are eligible to vote in will be counted. A provisional ballot will be counted after county election officials confirm that you are registered to vote and have not already cast a ballot in this election. Any voter who votes provisionally has a right to know whether their provisional ballot was counted. Click here to find the status of your provisional ballot. 

Recall Ballot

Your recall ballot will have two parts. 

  1. Shall GAVIN NEWSOM be recalled from the office of Governor?
  2. Candidates to succeed GAVIN NEWSOM as Governor if he is recalled.

A vote of yes on the first question would be in favor of removing Newsom from office, a vote of no would be in favor of keeping Newsom in office until the end of his term in 2023. The second question will be followed by a list of 46 candidates, excluding Newsom, who are running to replace him if he is recalled. Ballots that only include a response to the first question will be counted. The recall requires a simple majority to pass. If more than 50% of voters respond yes to the first question, Newsom will be recalled and replaced with the candidate who earns the most votes on the second question, even if they don’t receive a majority of votes. If more than 50% of voters respond no to the first question, Newsom will remain in office. Visit your county website to view your sample ballot.

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