Taxes — who really wants to talk about those?

I have a theory. I think people don’t like to talk about taxes because taxes are often viewed as bills we have to pay–and honestly, who wants to talk about … Continued

The Power of Redistricting

With the 2021 Census behind us, redistricting season is officially in full swing. In the coming months, we can expect new district maps to be enacted at all levels of … Continued

It Helps to Have a Long View

How do you sustain political activism and optimistic energy over the whole of your life? It helps to have a long view.   Of course, if you are 77 like me, … Continued

The Citizen’s Perspective: The California State Legislature

How can we raise the minimum wage? Can my family get health insurance? Who decides how much money my local school gets?   When it comes to these questions and many … Continued

What’s a Recall and How Did We Get Here?

In fall 2021, Californians will vote on whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. There has been only one successful recall of a governor in our state’s history, and that was … Continued

Know Your Power

In 2020, Courage California Institute launched Your Power Is Your Vote, an initiative to provide all Californians with trusted information to safely vote during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of you, … Continued