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Courage California Institute conducts statewide polling to better understand Californian’s positions on the issues that impact our communities.

Public Safety

Feb. 2024: Courage California Institute partnered with Data for Social Good Foundation to conduct polls of nearly 1,000 registered voters across California in October and November of 2023 to learn how Californians view public safety in their communities.

Climate Change

July 2023: Courage California Institute partnered with Data for Social Good Foundation, Communities for a New California Education Fund, California Environmental Voters Education Fund, Inland Empire United Education Fund, and Voices in Solidarity Against Oil in Neighborhoods, to conduct polls of over 1,000 registered voters across the state to learn how Californians view the causes and effects of climate change.

August 2023: Of polled voters who do not identify with any political ideology (liberal, conservative, or moderate, herein referred to as “unaffiliated voters”), 39% are registered as no party preference and 31% lean Democrat, with higher proportions of these voters concentrated in Northern California and Central Valley, in Black communities, and among younger voters. Poll results show that unaffiliated voters care about climate change, are more engaged than other voters on the issue, are less likely to believe elected officials can effectively combat climate change, and see corporations as having the most power and responsibility to do so.