How to vote in Mono County

Here’s everything you need to know for the June 7 election in Mono County.

Vote by Mail (VBM)

Be sure to sign the return envelope. Your signature must appear similar to the original signature on your voter registration form. A Vote-by-Mail ballot without your signature will not be counted. Your Vote-by-Mail ballot can be returned by mail, dropped off at any polling place, your county election official’s office, or a ballot drop off box. Return your Vote-by-Mail ballot by June 7. Click here for more on VBM.

Ballot Drop Off Box

Return your Vote-by-Mail ballot at a ballot drop off box at any time before June 7, 8:00 PM. Click here for a list of Ballot Drop Box locations.

Vote In Person

No form of ID is needed to cast your vote in person. You are not required to bring your Vote-by-Mail ballot to your polling location if you prefer to cast your ballot in person, but it is highly encouraged. Click here for a list of polling places.

Accessible Voting

The Registrar of Voters office provides the Voter Information Guide in an accessible format on the Voter Profile page. For accessibility questions, call 760-932-5537 or visit 

Provisional Voting

There are two circumstances in which you have a right to cast a provisional ballot in an election in California. First, if you believe you are registered to vote, but your name does not appear on the voter list at a polling location, you can vote provisionally. Second, if you voted by mail, but the county does not have a record of receiving your vote-by-mail ballot, you can vote provisionally. 

Any eligible voter, including those displaced by wildfires, can cast a provisional ballot at any polling location in the county, and that ballot will be placed in a special provisional envelope before being put in the ballot box. Only the races you are eligible to vote in will be counted. A provisional ballot will be counted after county election officials confirm that you are registered to vote and have not already cast a ballot in this election. 

Any voter who votes provisionally has a right to know whether their provisional ballot was counted. Click here to find the status of your provisional ballot. 

Mono County Registrar of Voters Location: Annex I 74 N. School Street PO Box 237 Bridgeport, CA 93517
Mono County Registrar of Voters Phone Number: 760-932-5537
Mono County Registrar of Voters Email: [email protected]

County Website:
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