How to vote in Colusa County

Colusa County

Vote by Mail (VBM)

Be sure to sign the return envelope. Your signature must appear similar to the original signature on your voter registration form. A Vote-by-Mail ballot without your signature will not be counted. Your Vote-by-Mail ballot can be returned by mail, dropped off at any polling place, or deposited in a ballot drop off box. Click here for more on VBM.

Ballot Drop Off Box (24 hours)

Return your Vote-by-Mail ballot at 546 Jay Street, Colusa CA 95932 before September 14 at 8:00 PM.

Special Voting Appointments

To limit contact with others, Seniors and other high-risk members of the public who need in-person election services can make a special appointment to visit the Colusa County Elections Office. These appointments are typically available between 4pm and 5pm, and can be made by calling (530) 458-0500.

Accessible Voting

The Registrar of Voters office provides the Voter Information Guide in an accessible format on the Voter Profile page. The official ballot for the September 14, 2021, Special Recall Election will be available through the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail portal beginning Monday, August 16. For accessibility questions, call (530) 458-0500 or visit


Every registered voter will have the option to vote in-person at their designated polling place on Election Day. Voters are not required to bring their Vote-by-Mail ballot to vote in-person, but it is strongly encouraged. If a voter would like to vote in-person, but has not received their mailed ballot, they can visit their polling location to cast a provisional ballot. 


Every registered voter was mailed a Vote-by-Mail ballot by August 16.

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